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CALL: (504) 756-1501
  1. How do you book?
    Call to schedule a date and time, send a deposit and your event will be booked.
  2. What ages is our petting zoo appropriate for?
    The petting zoo is great for all ages. The adults enjoy the animals just as much as the children.
  3. What is the weight limit for the ponies?
    We can bring large ponies that have a limit of 150lbs. We can also provide a smaller pony.
  4. Do your animals bite?
    All of our animals are handled from newborns and have NEVER purposely bit anyone. All animals have teeth, so if your child sticks his/her finger in its mouth there is a change of getting a little nibble.
  5. Are your animals healthy?
    All our pets are vaccinated yearly, wormed regularly and feed twice a day.
  6. What is the best set up for the petting zoo?
    The petting zoo is best set up in a grassy area near the trailer.
  7. What if it rains?
    Most people do not wish to cancel their event. It if is a light rain we can do the petting zoo under a tent, carport, or in a garage. The horses are a little more difficult to walk in the rain. If you need to cancel due to weather your deposit will be refunded.